HostGator vs Hostinger – Which Is The “Better Web Hosting?”

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Looking for ? Website hosting offers you features and plans that can help to customize your website. Though there are free options available for hosting, you won’t get the added benefits as you get from hosting companies. Free plans offer limited features and restrictions, so its best to avoid free hosting and settle for paid.

HostGator vs Hostinger

Still, you can make a scalable website, If you choose a web hosting company that offers you stylish features. A website should give you the right publicity in the web world. This is indeed more important if you have a incipiency business. A website gives you a global reach, so you can expand your business.

Web hosting companies offer affordable plans so choosing the stylish plan isn’t an issue. The only issue is opting the stylish hosting company. You need to choose a stylish hosting company that provides complete wisdom. Therefore, then’s a quick review.



Choosing the stylish web hosting provider for your point is important. However, also then are many top hosting companies – HostGator vs Hostinger – to choose from, If you’re searching for stylish website hosting. Both these hosting providers offer a range of hosting packages at fair prices.

The features that they offer are expansive too, grounded on the plans you choose. But, to know which is the nicer option of the two, read this HostGator vs Hostinger review.



General Overview of HostGator

HostGator is a global name for web hosting results. HostGator web hosting company provides impressive speed for website hosting. It offers you unlimited fragment space and customized plans according to your pocket-friendly.


It offers fast waiters with great uptime. The stylish part is the specialized support and backup, you can calculate on them for your requirements.

Innovated in the time 2002, the company offers different hosting plans for different conditions. For further information, read this HostGator India review.

General Overview of Hostinger

General Overview of Hostinger

Hostinger is the cheapest web-hosting provider moment. Starting in the time 2007, it offers a range of hosting plans and features to choose from. It offers great uptime and good lading speed for a website. It offers a multilingual client support point that can connect on a global position.

Choose from different hosting plans and make a scalable website according to your need. Hostinger web hosting company provides introductory plans for small business requirements and business plans for big associations.

Types of Hosting Offered by HostGator

HostGator offers web hosting plans for Linux, Windows, and Open- source platforms.

It offers pall hosting, hosting, Reseller hosting, and VPS hosting. It offers Devoted garçon hosting plans for Windows and Linux both.

It also offers a sphere enrollment plan. Below is the pricing structure for the HostGator Shared Hosting plan.

HostGator India Linux Web Hosting Pricing

HostGator web hosting offers customized hosting for your website requirement. Plus, it offers discounts on its web hosting products through special HostGator Coupon Codes.


Types of Hosting Offered by Hostinger

Hostinger offers colorful plans that fit every budget.

It offers cheap VPS hosting and pall hosting. It offers easy integration with hosting.

It offers CMS hosting and eCommerce hosting.

For newcomers, Hostinger offers free web hosting and website builder options. Then’s the pricing structure for its Shared hosting plan.

Hostinger Web Hosting Plan

Every plan offers different features. Also, with the sphere checker point of the hosting company, you can find the stylish sphere name for your website. It’s a good option for blog spots and small business possessors.


Verdict: Hostinger offers different kinds of plans to suit every budget and need. Hostinger is a better option here.


HostGator Customer Support and Uptime

HostGator offers stylish features for VPS and plans. It offers a remarkable backup with MySQL support. It supports PHP and offers cPanel support with excellent lading speed.

It provides provisory support on the point. It offers unlimited bandwidth support also.

HostGator offers an integration point that lets you integrate with other CMS platforms like WordPress. Easy integration certifies the use of tools and software on your website. With a one-click installation point, you can also install apps on your point.

The setup point of integration is easy; you don’t need to have any specialized knowledge for it.

Check out this guide to know how to install WordPress on HostGator.


Features Offered by Hostinger

Hostinger hosting company offers you diurnal backups and access director control. It offers custom cPanel support with Cloudflare integration. It offers SSD drives for the speed of the website. It offers real-time reactive garçon monitoring.

Hostinger offers streamlined and automated garçon deployment. It lets you integrate with CMS platforms like WordPress. The integration point is simple to pierce. It also offers Lets-Encrypt integration that takes care of security.

Hostinger offers easy installation and setup for different apps and tools for the point. One-click installations help to save your time and trouble both.


Verdict: Both HostGator and Hostinger offer great features on plans. Integration and installation features are also similar. Both are winners here.


HostGator offers account setting and word security control. It helps to keep all the installed operations streamlined.

It also ensures your website remains malware-free. It updates scripts and CMS installs so that there’s no added trouble to your new website.

It ensures secure connections for each new point.

Hosting Security Features

Hostinger offers a free SSL certificate with plans on offer. But, apart from this, it also offers added security features. It offers BitNinja as a part of a plan that prevents malware attacks on your site.

With ample security threats in web space, it is important to have a secure background and password protection feature for the site.

It also offers SpamAssassin and CloudFlare protection. Hostinger offers a free SSL certificate with plans on offer. But, apart from this, it also offers added security features. It offers BitNinja as a part of a plan that prevents malware attacks on your site.

With ample security threats in web space, it is important to have a secure background and password protection feature for the site. It also offers SpamAssassin and CloudFlare protection.

Verdict: HostGator offers security features that cater to different plans of the site. It also offers added security support. HostGator surely wins in this option.


HostGator Customer Support and Uptime

HostGator offers a 24/7 customer support feature. If you are stuck with a problem related to the site, you can take help from the technical team.

It also offers chat and email options that can be used for guidance or a problem. HostGator offers 99.9% uptime, which is great for any new site. This guaranteed uptime will profit your website for sure.


Hostinger Customer Support and Uptime

Hostinger Customer Support


Hostinger offers multilingual support with the live converse point. It offers an expansive knowledge base that can help you with any issue related to your point. It also offers dispatch converse support.

The videotape instructions will guide you with the new setup so that you have no issue with your new website. It also offers intercom integration for easy access.

Verdict: Hostinger offers great client support with a live converse point that can help to connect with the support platoon on an instant basis. Hostinger is a better option then.


HostGator Payment Options

HostGator offers different payment options like debit and credit cards (MasterCard/Visa/AMEX/Discover).

It allows you to make payments through electronic transfers and prepaid cards.

It also lets you make payments through PayPal and money orders. You can also pay through Bank Wire.

Hostinger Payment Options

Payment Options

Hostinger supports different credit and disbenefit cards (MasterCard/ Visa/ Diner’s/ Discover). It lets you make payments through PayPal and BitPal.

It also lets you make coin payments. Direct payment through net banking can be profited on request. You can choose a plan and pay according to your convenience.


Verdict: HostGator vs Hostinger both offer different payment options that let you make secure payments.

Coin payment is an added advantage for Hostinger. Both win here.


HostGator Money-back Guarantee


HostGator Money-back Guarantee



Utmost web hosting companies give 30- days plutocrat- reverse guarantee on plans. But, HostGator gives 45 days plutocrat- reverse guarantee, which is an added advantage. Still, the refund is applicable to first- time subscribers of the plan.


Hostinger Money-back Guarantee

Hostinger offers a 30- day plutocrat- reverse guarantee on plans. It’s easier to apply for a refund through the point. You can also resettle to another plan from the hosting company if you need to.


Verdict: HostGator and Hostinger both offer a money-back guarantee on plans. So, both win in this option.


HostGator offers unlimited fragment space and bandwidth on nearly all plans. It offers a great uptime speed with easy to use control panel.

It offers Drag & Drop feature that helps to make a customized point.

It offers a range of plans to suit every budget and lets you integrate with other platforms to help gauge your point more.

Hostinger offers affordable plans and great features. It offers good uptime with faster loading. It offers easy to use interface with domain support.

It offers unlimited features with premium plans. Hostinger offers easy payment options as well. It is the most popular choice for web hosting.

Hostinger is a better choice for web hosting as it offers plans according to your need.

The stylish part is the price and payment terms it offers. Hostinger offers unlimited features for a one- time plan.

You can choose an introductory or business plan according to your wisdom.

HostGator is a good choice for a incipiency business as it offers different customized features on plans.



  • Reliability: Will your website be available 24/7/365 without any downtime?
  • Performance: How fast will your website load on HostGator? We will run our own performance tests to analyze this.
  • Customer Support: Can you count on their customer support? Will you be able to easily get help when needed?
  • Features: Do their features help you easily create and manage your website?
  • Pricing: Do they offer the best pricing in the industry? Are there any HostGator deals that can save you money?

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