How do I put bullet points in Markdown?

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How do I put bullet points in Markdown? Learn how to add ordered and unordered lists using .

You could find that you need to include a list in a you are authoring.

A list that isn’t in order  (a list that uses bullet points)

arranged list (where you use numbers to keep things in order)

Markdown supports both.

Keys List
*, + or – followed by a space Unordered list (bullet points)
1 or number followed by. Start an ordered list (numbered list)
Allow me to demonstrate using numbered lists and bullet points in .

How to add bullet points in Markdown

You can begin by beginning the sentence with *, +, or -when writing in bullet points.

Here, I’ve demonstrated how to add bullet points using various symbolic symbols (*, +, and -) for your reference:

create bullet points in markdown

To add bullet points, simply follow these easy instructions:

Enter * to begin typing (or any other character)
Add two space characters at the end of each line and press Enter to break the sentence.

Here’s a little example of how to generate bullet points to help you get started:

create bullet points in markdown

How to create a numbered list in Markdown

Compared to bullet points (an unorganized list), creating a numbered list, sometimes referred to as an ordered list, is very simple.

All you need to do is start with the specified starting number and append to create a numbered list. adjacent to it:

[number]. type this here.

create numbred list in markdown

Recall that following the order is not required.

You are free to begin wherever you choose and to reorder the items in the list:

how to create numbred list in markdown

However, did you realize that nested lists might be made? Lists inside lists are what are known as nested lists.

Do you want to know how? This is the way to accomplish it:

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