How to Add No Right-Click on WordPress Images

Do you want to add no right-click to your WordPress images? If you’re a photographer, artist, or content creator, you’re probably worried about people stealing your images. While it’s difficult to completely stop image theft, you can make it more difficult for people to steal pictures from your website. In this article, we’ll show you … Read more

14 Best Ways to Use OpenAI on Your WordPress Website

Are you wondering how to use OpenAI and ChatGPT on your WordPress website? OpenAI can help with everything from generating meta descriptions for your posts to writing email sales copy. You can use OpenAI on your WordPress site to save time, cut costs, improve your SEO and workflows, and grow your business! In this article, … Read more

WordPress vs Ghost – Which Is the Better Blogging Platform?

Are you comparing WordPress vs Ghost and wondering which is best for you? WordPress and Ghost are both popular blogging and website-building platforms. However, both have pros and cons that you’ll want to compare before starting your new blog.   In this article, we’ll compare WordPress and Ghost with their strengths and weaknesses, so you … Read more

Ultimate WordPress Migration Guide for Beginners (Step by Step)

Are you looking to move your website to WordPress, or are you thinking about migrating an existing WordPress site to a new domain or host? WordPress is the most popular website builder powering over 43% of all websites on the internet. That’s because it’s easy to use and gives you control over every aspect of your website. In … Read more

How to Enable Imagick on Your WordPress Site

Do you want to enable Imagick on your WordPress website? Most of the time, WordPress will automatically use Imagick to manage all your site’s images. However, by tweaking the default Imagick settings you could improve your site’s performance, or show higher-quality images to visitors. In this article, we’ll show you how to enable Imagick on … Read more

YOU Should Start a Blog or a YouTube Channel? (Beginner’s Guide)

Are you wondering whether YOU Should Start a Blog or a YouTube Channel? Blogging and vlogging are good ways to engage with your audience and grow your brand’s credibility. We are often asked by readers which they should start the first blog vs YouTube. In this article, we’ll explain our pick on blog vs YouTube … Read more

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