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How to Register a Domain Name

Our dependence on the Internet has grown multiple times since the start of this year. Everyone (and everything) is online nowadays.

Are you also planning to join the digital crowd and build an individual or business website?

In that case, you’ll need to know how to purchase a website domain too.

In this step-by-step guideline, we’re going to show you several options on how to register a domain name and also cover some commonly asked questions that might pop up in your mind while registering a domain.

In any case, we should initially begin by clarifying for what reason is it pivotal to pick a domain name.


Why a Good Domain Name is Important?


A domain name is your extraordinary identifier among billions of other websites on the web. That is the reason for having a paramount and simple to-type name is fundamental for having an online presence.

Your domain name serves as an extension of your own or business name. In that sense it:


  • Improves acknowledgment and mindfulness.
  • Adds additional validity to your endeavor.
  • Ultimately supports guests’ review.


Additionally, a decent area name is significant for SEO. Quite a while back careful match areas (EMDs) were extremely popular, yet today the vast majority pick brandable space names.

Additionally, a decent area name is significant for SEO. Quite a while back careful match areas (EMDs) were extremely popular, yet today the vast majority pick brandable space names.

Noteworthy space names get composed to Google all the more regularly. Calculations monitor that and relegate greater power to your site. As the marked pursuit volume develops, your space name procures additional position focuses, so it gets simpler to rank for related watchwords.

So, we should proceed onward to the how-to part.


How to Get a Domain Name From


Namecheap is a popular website for purchasing domain names and getting website hosting. As their area name prompts, they consistently have a huge load of good plans and to some degree lower annular costs than GoDaddy, for instance.

So in the event that you love a decent deal, here’s how to purchase a domain name via Namecheap.


Step 1: Run your ideal domain name search first and review available options. Namecheap has a truly huge assortment of new TLDs such as .art .digital, .luxury among 400+ different choices.


How to Register a Domain Name


Additionally, if your name isn’t accessible or you’d prefer to get some more thoughts, change to their high-level inquiry see otherwise known as the Beast Mode:


How to Register a Domain Name


As you can see from above, you have many more highlights to play with, for example, value range, postfix/prefix, etc. This can help you drill down to that ideal area name that is short, paramount, accessible, but modest!


Step 2: After you’ve chosen the best contenders, continue to your cart to start the checkout process. Now, you can likewise add a few additional items and redo your request:




With Namecheap, you get a lifetime free WHOIS assurance for every domain name, in addition to them as of late added a rewarding premium DNS offer (estimated at $4,88/year). At the point when you empower it, your area gets yearly insurance against DNS/DDoS assaults (that are on the ascent!), in addition to super quick worldwide DNS reaction. This gives you some additional influence regarding your site speed.

On top of that, you can select some affordable up-sells such as:


  • A monthly hosting plan with a website builder included.
  • Dedicated managed web host.
  • SSL endorsement for additional security (suggested for sites handling installments).
  • VPN membership.
  • An expert email address for your area.

Also, you can play around with your renewal. NameCheap provides a small discount for 24+ Monthly.


To confirm your request you’ll need to make an account with NameCheap. Notwithstanding, they don’t offer an option to log in with Google or Facebook, so you’ll need to provide an email address.



After login, you’ll need to provide your billing details, add a payment method, and proceed with the buy.


Domain Registration FAQs 

Here are some commonly asked questions.

1. What are Domain Name Extensions?

Domain name extensions help order distinctive domain names. It’s a special hierarchy, developed for the Internet.

You can pick among popular top-level domain extensions (TLDs) such as:

Or go with a regional domain extension such as if you want to focus on building a presence in a specific country:

Additionally, there’s a bunch of creative domain extensions, launched recently. You can have a go at messing with them to make a more limited, brandable name for example:

Alchemi. st
Auto. mn


2. How to Buy a Website Domain for Ever?


As we clarified, domain names are not for complete sale. Essentially, you are reserving a domain name used for a set period (10-years max at a time). But you can keep renewing your domain name as many times as you want to.

While you cannot buy it out for good from a registrar, you can hold on to your domain name for as long as you are paying your renewal fee.


3. What Happens If I Don’t Renew My Domain Name?


On the off chance that you didn’t set auto-reestablishment or neglected to physically do as such in spite of the updates from your space enlistment center, your area name will terminate. This implies a few things:

  • Your site will at this point don’t be available by any individual who types your URL.
  • The area name will be ready to move once more, normally in 30-days or so after a lapse.
  • It can likewise be sold on a site area sell-off.

Basically, the inability to pay a recharging expense implies lost admittance to your area.


4. Can I Transfer My Domain Name?


Yes, most domain registrars can likewise facilitate the process of transferring a domain name from one person to another (if certain conditions are met). For instance, in the event that you need to purchase an excellent space name from somebody, an enlistment center can help measure the arrangement safely.

Likewise, you can move your space name between various recorders in the event that you found a superior arrangement, for instance, or simply need some additional highlights.

The following are connected assistance archives for doing that with every enlistment center:



To Conclude How to Register a Domain Name


Congrats! On the off chance that you finished our step-by-step guide, you should now know how to register a domain name.

What you need is to come up with (or research on the platform) a sound word combo, decide on your domain extension, pick some handful add-ons, and pay for your subscription. A short time later, the registrar will provide you with further quick instructions for connecting your domain name to your website, so that you can finally become visible on the web.

Have an inquiry about how to register a domain name for your website that is not included here? Leave us a comment below.

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