How to Add Google Maps in WordPress.

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Do you want to show Google Maps on your WordPress website?

If you own a local business, showing Google Maps on your website might make it simple for users to locate your location. In order to draw in more website visitors, it can also increase your site’s search engine exposure.

In this article, we will show you how to add Google Maps in WordPress.

how to add Google Maps in WordPress


Why Add Google Maps in WordPress?

Did you know that the most widely used navigational app across all platforms is Google Maps?

Users may easily find your physical stores, restaurants, or retail outlets by integrating Google Maps into your WordPress website if you have an office or real store address. This aids in increasing your customer base and revenue.

Additionally, Google Maps embedding can raise your WordPress SEO. Google reports that 46% of all queries are local. Your local SEO will benefit from adding Google Maps to WordPress, increasing your exposure in local searches.

There are now two ways to integrate Google Maps into WordPress, and we’ll demonstrate both.

The advantage of the second approach is that it complies with all recommendations for local SEO best practises; therefore, if you apply it, Google will begin to display your location on Google Maps. Additionally, it will show your company’s name, logo, address, phone number, and open hours in local search results.

Let’s now look at how to integrate Google Maps with WordPress. You can use the quick links listed below to jump to the section you prefer:

  1. How to Add Google Maps in WordPress Without a Plugin
  2. How to Add Google Maps to WordPress With a Local SEO Plugin

How to Add Google Maps in WordPress Without a Plugin

Use the default iFrame approach if all you want to do is quickly embed Google Maps in a WordPress post or page.

Simply go to the Google Maps website and type in any street address in the search area.

Find location in Google Maps and Click Share to Embed

When you click the Share icon, a popup window with the choices Send a location link or Embed a map will appear.

The ‘Embed a map’ option must be chosen.

Copy Google Maps HTML Embed Code

Then, open the website where you wish to embed the map, and simply copy the HTML code for Google Maps.

A Custom HTML block must be added inside the block editor.

Select Custom HTML block in WordPress

Simply paste the embed code you copied from Google Maps at this point.

To preview the changes, you must then update or publish the page.

Google Maps iFrame Embed Code in Block Editor

Although this solution instantly embeds Google Maps, it does not provide you with the full SEO benefits.

Because it makes proper use of open graph data to help you rank higher in Google, we advise adopting the next option if you are a small business, restaurant, or online store with one or more physical locations.

How to Add Google Maps to WordPress With a Local SEO Plugin

Using All-in-One SEO (AIOSEO) is the most effective technique to incorporate Google Maps and optimize your website for local SEO.

It’s the top WordPress SEO plugin since it enables you to improve SEO rankings without having to alter code or work with a developer. AIOSEO is used by more than 3 million professionals to raise their search engine results.


Because it has the Local SEO tool and other strong optimization capabilities, we will be using the AIOSEO Pro edition for this lesson. You can begin optimizing your website for search engines by using the free version of AIOSEO.

First, you’ll need to install and activate the AIOSEO plugin in WordPress. For more details, please see our tutorial on how to install a WordPress plugin.

The plugin will start the setup wizard after activation. To configure the plugin, click the ‘Let’s Get Started’ button. If you require assistance, please see our tutorial on how to correctly configure All in One SEO in WordPress.

AIOSEO setup wizard

Next, you can head over to All in One SEO » Local SEO from your WordPress dashboard.

Then click the ‘Activate Local SEO’ button to get started configuring the local settings.

Activate local SEO

You can add a single location or several locations in AIOSEO and display them on Google Maps after activating the Local SEO addon for WordPress. How to add both to your website will be demonstrated.

Adding a Single Location

To add your locations, business information, open hours, and more, you first need to go to All in One SEO » Local SEO and open the ‘Locations’ tab.

Keep the ‘Multiple Locations’ option set to No if you only have one physical store.

Location tab under local SEO


Once you’ve done so, navigate to the ‘Maps’ section and pin your precise position.

All you need to do is enter your address in the “Enter a query” section for Google Maps to locate you.

Pin your store location

Once you’ve entered your location, don’t forget to click the ‘Save Changes’ button.

Adding Multiple Locations

You must enable the ‘Multiple Locations’ setting in the ‘Location’ tab of Local SEO if you have more than one physical location.

Enable multiple locations

Following that, your WordPress admin panel will see a new Locations menu.

To add a new location, visit to Locations and click the ‘Add New’ option.

Add a new location

Once in the WordPress editor, navigate to the ‘Map’ section by scrolling down.

The “Enter a query” section is where you can enter your address.

Add multiple map locations

After entering your location on the map and adding location information, go ahead and click the ‘Publish’ button.

You can now repeat this step and add as many locations as you want for your business.

Once you have finished adding your locations, you can go to the ‘Maps’ tab back in the All in One SEO » Local SEO menu.

Here you will have to enter a Google Maps API key.

Enter Google maps API key

Enter Google maps API key

Now, let’s see how to create an API key for Google Maps.

Creating a Google Maps API Key

You must first go to the Google Maps Platform website and select the ‘Get Started’ button.

Google maps platform


You must create a billing account after logging in using your Google account.

Pay-as-you-go pricing is available for the Google Maps Platform, and all users are entitled to the first $300 of monthly usage free of charge. That will easily cover a straightforward map embed like the one we’re making in this article for the majority of websites.

Don’t worry; until you actively upgrade to a paid account, they won’t charge you any fees.

Click the ‘Create Billing Account’ button to begin going.

Create a billing account

After choosing your country, select the option from the dropdown box that most accurately defines your organisation.

After choosing this data, tick the Terms of Service checkbox and then click the “Continue” button.

Enter personal details for billing account

On the next screen, you’ll need to enter your phone number for verification.

Once you’ve done that, click the ‘Send Code’ button.

Enter mobile number

After verifying the code, the next thing to do is enter your business name, payment method details, and billing address.

Once you’ve entered these details, click the ‘Start my Free Trial’ button.

Enter business name and payment details

Following that, you will be questioned on your organization and how you plan to use the Google Maps Platform in a series of 4 questions.

Google Maps will ask you about your main reason for using the platform, your industry, the use case you’ve chosen, and the size of your business.

Please click the “Submit” button once you have finished answering these questions.

Answer few questions for google maps

You’ll now see a popup with your Google Maps API key.

You can copy and save this key in a text file for future use.

Copy the API key

You must return to your WordPress dashboard after creating a Google Maps API key to input it in the AIOSEO Local SEO settings.

Configuring Google Maps Settings in WordPress

You can now go back to All in One SEO » Local SEO from your WordPress dashboard and then navigate to the ‘Maps’ tab.

Go ahead and fill out the ‘API Key’ section with the Google Maps API key. As soon as you add the key, AIOSEO will display a preview of the map.

Add API key and see map preview

The map parameters can then be edited by scrolling down.

With AIOSEO, you may use a PHP script, widget, shortcode, or Gutenberg block to display Google Maps. Additionally, you can customise your marker and select from a variety of map designs.

Edit map settings

Don’t forget to click the ‘Save Changes’ button when you are done.

Displaying Google Maps in WordPress

The next step is to integrate Google Maps into any WordPress page or post. Simply edit or create a new page for your website to get started.

Once you are in the block editor, click the ‘+’ button at the top and add the AIOSEO Local – Map block anywhere on the page.

Add local maps block

Your Google Map will then be included on the website.

By using the choices on your right, AIOSEO also allows you to change the map’s parameters. For instance, you can modify the map’s width and height, display labels and icons, and add a custom marker.

Edit your map in WordPress

If you have many places, you can choose which one to draw attention to by making a selection from the menu on your right.

Select your desired location to appear on your website by simply clicking the ‘Location’ dropdown menu.

Choose which location to display

When you are satisfied with your settings, publish the page.

Visit your website right away to see Google Maps in action.

Preview your map

You can also add Google Maps to your site’s widget section, like the sidebar or footer.

To start, head over to Appearance » Widgets from your WordPress admin panel. Next, click the ‘+’ button and add the ‘AIOSEO Local – Map’ widget block where you’d like to display your location.

Add maps widget

The widget settings can then be changed after that.

For instance, if you have many locations, you may choose which place to display, add a title, alter the map’s width and height, and adjust the label.

Edit map widget settings

All done!

Now, when you update your website, Google Maps will appear in the widgets section.

Maps preview in widget area

We hope this article helped you learn how to add Google Maps to your WordPress site. You may also want to see our picks for the best WordPress plugins for small businesses.

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