Hostinger vs Namecheap: Which is the best hosting?

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Hostinger vs Namecheap

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Hostinger vs Namecheap: Which is the best hosting?

Hostinger vs Namecheap: Who is the Winner?

There are several web in the request with different situations of effectiveness and different offers ranging from Shared hosting, devoted waiters, VPS, and Managed/ Unmanaged hosting.

In this composition, we will be comparing two popular Webhosting spots, Hostinger and Namecheap, popular opinions on their services, features, and online reviews.


Hostinger vs Namecheap
Hostinger vs Namecheap


Hostinger is popularly known for its cheap, yet effective Webhosting services with great features and services. The platform has been tested and reviewed by experts and overall, it offers druggies great services with amazing speed, performance, and client support.

Features and Services of Hostinger

Although there is a drag and drop builder on the platform, it is not included in the Shared hosting, however, the standard option is still super-fast and convenient.

Ease of Use and Beginner Support

Hostinger is beginner-friendly as it offers users easy tools and great customer support that helps them get easily acquainted with the platform.


Hostinger provides eCommerce tools that enable business owners to make money online in Hostinger online store. With tools like Simple Invoices, OpenCart, ZenCart and other users can integrate the plugins to their websites/domains to improve their sales and product service.


With some hosting plans on Hostinger, uses will get free SSL certificates and also buy one form the platform’s store that enables user and visitor’s security and safeguards connection against malware, DDoS and other threats.

Customer Support

From reports and feedback gotten from users of Hostinger online, the customer service is top-notch as they offer great support for issues that could come up with the platform with friendly and informative answers via live web chat 24/7.

Great Uptime

Hostinger provides users with quality uptime that accounts for a website’s availability and reliability. Comments have been made on the platform’s good uptime and a two-period test on the durability was aced as Hostinger did not go down for a second.

Hostinger Hosting Plans

The Shared Hosting plans on Hostinger features 3 different packages, all Linux-powered that offer users great resources and features for basic .

Hostinger Shared Hosting

On the shared hosting plan, like every other hosting platforms, the sites will share just one server’s features and services, which is suitable for new blogs and beginners. The three packages on the Shared Hosting plans include;

  • The Single Plan; which is the most basic plan on Hostinger allows for the hosting of a single site, with one email account, 100GB data transfers and 10GB storage space. The plan is normally availed at $9.99 per month, but with a year’s commitment, that offers a huge discount, the plan can be availed at just $2.99 per month.
  • Premium plan; is normally accessible at $10.95 per month, but can be availed at $5.99 per month with the discount on a year’s subscription. This plan offers users unlimited hosting sites, email and data transfer as well as a 20GB storage capacity, a free domain name and doubles the processing power of the Single plan.
  • Business plan; offer users all features and services on the Premium plan as well as free SSL certificates, automatic daily backups and a processing power four times faster than the Single plan. The business plan can be availed at $15.99 per month, but with a year’s commitment, it is accessible at just $6.99 monthly.

The shared hosting plans on Hostinger are convenient for small businesses and blogs that do not need as much exposure as big website owners and marketers.

Other advanced Webhosting packages on Hostinger include;

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting offers online business and website owners standard hosting services for online presence and visibility. The Virtual Private Server on Hostinger, unlike Shared hosting services, provides users with more resources and private access to them. On this tier of hosting services, users have u to 6 Linux-based and 4 Windows-supported plans to select from that provide users with great storage capacity, memory support, and bandwidth length amongst other features.

Minecraft Hosting

Unlike several other hosting sites, Hostinger does not offer Dedicated server plans, but instead Minecraft that allow users install personal game mods, enable advertisements in games and customize their settings and rules based on their preference. The hosting offer online business owners with full advertising leverage, advanced features and great customer support.

WordPress Hosting

With WordPress hosting plans on Hostinger, which is a key attraction for subscribing to any hosting platform, users will enjoy managerial services from the most popular manager and enjoy full customization and advanced services. The WordPress hosting plan on Hostingeris of 3 packages offering users solid storage capacity, managed hosting services, automatic backups and several other features.

Hostinger also provides users with Cloud Hosting and Reseller services of different plans and pricing options.


Overall, Hostinger is a very good host with about 4.0 rating on the online scoreboard; this means that it is lagging in some area, which brings us to the Pros and Cons of Hostinger



  • Great customer support
  • Quality uptime
  • Minecraft server
  • Several options to select from
  • Budget-friendly


  • No Dedicated server
  • No phone support
  • Some plans do not come with Window support

hostinger WordPress hosting review

Namecheap Hosting

Namecheap Hostinger Comparison


Namecheap hosting offers reliable Webhosting services and is best known as a domain name registrar. The platform is cost-efficient as it offers cheap hosting services and several advanced features that improve a website’s visibility and visitor interaction.

Features and Services of Namecheap

Quality Uptime

Uptime is one of the most important services of any web hosting platform and with Namecheap, users do not need to worry about the reliability and accessibility of their websites and domains to visitors/customers, as the platform provides a quality uptime of about 99.9%.


No one wants to visit a website that lags or waste time in bringing out search results and that is why speed is one of the most important properties of a hosting site.  With an average response time of 0.36 seconds on Namecheap, fully loaded time of 1 second and under load of 1.26 seconds, the platform offers a reasonably good speed of average capacity to users.

Migration Services

With migration services on Namecheap, users can easily move their websites on other hosting platforms to Namecheap with very easy and straightforward steps So, if you have a cPanel website on another hosting platform and you decide to move it to Namecheap, all you have to do is give provide access to Namecheap technicians.

Great Control Panel

With an excellent control panel/user area on Namecheap, provide users have access to an uncluttered yet detailed display that includes a series of information. Navigating through the options on the platform is smooth,easy and straightforward with no upsells and access to all the properties on the platform.

CMS support

Users will be provided with tons of Management support that can be activated with a single click for managing their websites.

Free SSL certificates

With Namecheap, users have access to up to 50 fee Positive SSL certificates on the Shared hosting plans that are set up automatically for a year.

WordPress and cPanel

Within seconds, WordPress can be deployed on Namecheap with the Softaculous app installer that allows for easy updating and managing of open-source applications. Namecheap also provides users with cPanel services, which is known as the best control panel in the online market.

Personalized Email Support

With personalized email services on Namecheap, users have access to a domain-based email address that can be used to represent their businesses and manage communication between users and online visitors. With this service, users can add email accounts and enable automatic responses as well as several other benefits.

Great Customer Support

With 24-hour customer support on Namecheap, users will enjoy good managerial services as the support team have been trained to answer professional questions pertaining the platform’s services and are also very reliable in solving technical problems that may come up while using Namecheap.



Namecheap Hosting Plans

The Shared hosting plan on Namecheap provides users with unmetered bandwidth connection, free website building services, automatic SSL installation, and domain name and online privacy. The packages available on Namecheap Shared hosting plan include;

Stellar Plan

This plan provides users with the most basic hosting benefits on Namecheap and is great for small businesses and new blogs.

The plan is accessible at $2.88 monthly and it provides users with up to 20GB storage space and 3 website use aside from the general features on the hosting package.

Stellar Plus

Stellar plus provides users with unlimited storage space and unlimited website use as well as automatic backup and other features available on the first plan.

This plan is accessible at $4.88 per month and it is the most popular plan on Namecheap as it is great for a professional business that requires average hosting services.

Stellar Business

This plan is accessible at $8.88 per month, providing users with up to 50GB of storage space, unlimited website use, and automatic backup and cloud storage, aside from other general benefits.

VPS Hosting

With 2 VPS hosting plans on Namecheap, users have the option to enjoy the services on the shared hosting plan with more privacy and better service.

Users are provided with propriety support, a super-fast network, and speedy page loading services.

The plans available on Namecheap VPS hosting include; the self-managed plan, semi-managed plan, and the fully managed plan.

By their names, the plans are pretty explanatory and the self-managed plan offers user’s 100% customization option, while the fully-managed plan provides Reseller access to the website’s configuration managed by Namecheap’s technical staff.

Dedicated Servers

With the dedicated servers on Namecheap, users will enjoy several amazing features and services including easy set-up, all features available on VPS servers, although in different quantities, and also the option for self or fully managed services.

Reseller Hosting

This package allows Namecheap users to benefit income on the plan, as users can resell their plans to customers.

The Reseller hosting package is of three plans with different levels of quality and features.

Pros and Cons of Namecheap

With the features and benefits of Namecheap hosting listed above, there is no doubt that the platform provides users with great hosting services and support, however, the hosting site also comes with its share of bad eggs, which brings us to the highlights and downsides of using Namecheap hosting. The Pros and Cons of Namecheap include;



  • Free domain and migration services
  • Good load time
  • Great uptime
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • A few bad reviews on the customer service potency
  • The performance is not the best in the market
  • Plans are quite limited

Hostinger and Namecheap are both great hosting services but for this article, their highlights and quirks will be evaluated for a clear comparison of their services.


Final Verdict

According to online reviews, Hostinger provides users with quality support, ease of use for beginners, a reasonable price list, and several advanced features.

Compared to Namecheap, the SSL certificates on Hostinger are rated about 152% above the other and have a better backup and managing service.

Hostinger also has a better uptime and is a category leader in WordPress hosting with 21 highlight features, control panel integration, and overall great performance.

WhileNamecheap offers cheaper services compared to Hostinger and features a great list of services and benefits, although not better than its current competitor.

Namecheap is also a contender in WordPress hosting with up to 20 highlight features, eCommerce website integrations, and website migration as well as several other plug-ins and add-ons.

Although the customer service has been said to be lagging in some aspects, the support is still quite amazing and the platform offers ease of use for beginners.

Although Hostinger offers users better services and features compared to Namecheap, it will be safer to say that both hosting platforms are great for both basic and advanced hosting services.

However, for a cheaper hosting option, Namecheap takes the lead but Hostinger seizes the spot with better features and services.

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