What are the Limitations of WordPress.com

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If you would like to start out a blog, then .com offers a hassle free solution to urge started. We are often asked by our users how they will start with blogging. We usually respond with the question, “What do i want to undertake to to along side your blog?”. plenty of individuals just want to share their personal thoughts, ramblings, photos and such. For that purpose, .com offers a free, easy to use, secure and stable platform for you to blog on. However, if you’d wish to attempt to to more along side your blog like make money, build a membership community, among other things, then there are some inherent limitations. In this article, we’ll assist you understand what are the restrictions of .com, so you’ll determine if .com is that the solution for you.


Earning Limitations

You can not run Google Adsense or other advertising programs to serve ads on your WordPress.com blog. You can not write paid posts, sell links, review products, etc. WordPress.com terms of service restrict you from using your free blog for any business activity on your own. However, you’ll apply for WordPress.com’s advertising program which is named WordAds.

This program is currently convenient to WordPress.com blogs that match certain traffic and quality requirements. Once you’re approved for WordAds program, you’ll be sharing your advertising revenue with WordPress.com.

Note: If you’ve got a book, then you’ll have a billboard for that on your WordPress.com blog. They just don’t allow ads for products or services that you simply don’t own.


You Can not Upload Plugins

The real power of WordPress comes from the liberty to customize and extend the core functionality. You canot extend the functionality of WordPress.com by uploading plugins. You are given a comprehensive but still a limited set of features. A lot of individuals who migrate from WordPress.com to self hosted WordPress.org do so just to require advantage of certain features that accompany these amazing plugins.


You Can not Upload Themes

You can only use themes currently available to WordPress.com users. Some of these themes are free and others come with a one time fee. In any case the theme choice is very limited. Secondly, you can not modify those themes. For an additional $30, you can add custom CSS and fonts to your theme but that is it. You cannot modify theme features or theme functionality. If you want to use one of the powerful eCommerce themes, or one of the many commercial themes that is not available to WordPress.com users, then you are out of luck. If you want to have a completely custom built theme for you, then you are also out of luck.


Account Suspension

WordPress.com is extremely strict in protecting their services from abuse. They cease blogs suspected of activities prohibited in their terms of service. Visitors can also report a blog. WordPress.com permits suspended blogs to export their posts for a limited time. Also WordPress.com might not even notify or ask a blog owner to get rid of content. This means that sometimes there’s no warning for the blog owner. Once a blog is suspended the WordPress.com subdomain are getting to be held and may not be released for anyone else to use.


Not a Development Platform

WordPress has become a strong content management system in itself. It is no more just a blog publishing platform. With WordPress.com, you’re only getting a free blog service and not the particular powerful CMS features that are getting the most reason of WordPress’ popularity. To make it easier for you to know is that lets suppose that you simply start with a basic blog then want to supply online courses, sell digital downloads, or add a forum, or maybe a web store. It is impossible to try to to all this on your free WordPress.com blog.


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