5 Best Backlink Checker Tools – Free & Paid Options (Compared)

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Do you want to see where your backlinks are coming from? Or Backlink Checker Tools on a competitor’s backlinks?

Backlinks can help boost your search rankings and increase your traffic.

In this guide, we’ll compare the best backlink checker tools that you can use to audit your site’s backlinks as well as a competitor’s backlink profile.

Backlink Checker Tools

What Are Backlinks and Why Are They Important?

A backlink is a link to your website from another website. In the eyes of search engines, backlinks are a bit like votes for your site. The more links you have, the higher your site is likely to rank in search engines.

Not all backlinks are created equal, though. The best backlinks are ones from big, respected websites. Backlinks from spammy or suspicious websites can be actively harmful to your site.

After installing a  SEO plugin like All in One SEO or Yoast and following the best practices, the next step is to think through your backlink strategy.

There are a lot of ways to get backlinks to your site, but the process always starts with using a backlink checker to check existing backlinks for your site and your competitors.

That being said, let’s take a look at the best tools to track backlinks of any website.

5 Best Backlink Checker Tools

1. Semrush

Semrush Website

Semrush is our top recommendation for a backlink checker. It’s one of the best keyword research tools on the market, and it has lots of powerful tools to let you analyze backlinks.

To use the backlink features, log in to Semrush, select ‘Backlink Analytics,’ and type in the name of the domain you want to investigate. You’ll then see lots of information about the domain and its backlinks.

Semrush backlink checker tool

Click the link to access the complete report if you wish to go deeper into any of the sections of this summary.

You can use Semrush to analyze the links on your website, which could assist you identify any problems like low-quality links. Actually, Semrush makes this simple for you by allowing you to examine the total number of links a page that links to you has. Numerous links on a page may be a sign of a spammy website.

Utilizing Semrush, you can learn a lot about your competitors’ backlinks, including which high-authority websites are linking to them, the keywords they are ranking for, and much more. You’ll have a long list of websites to choose from for your backlink building if you do this.


Semrush costs from $119.95/month and goes all the way to $449.95 per month.

You can get an exclusive 7-day free trial by going through our link to Semrush. If you want step-by-step instructions on how to get this deal, check out our Semrush coupon code page.

2. All in One SEO (AIOSEO)


All-in-One SEO (AIOSEO) is the best SEO plugin for . Over 3 million professionals use the plugin, making it super easy to optimize your website for search engines without requiring technical knowledge or hiring an expert.

You may monitor the internal backlinks on your website with the aid of the Link Assistant function provided by AIOSEO. Internal links, often known as backlinks, provide communication between posts and pages.

You may improve internal linking on your site and raise your SEO ranking by using AIOSEO Link Assistant.

Link assistant overview

It assists in locating orphan pages without internal links and provides suggestions for internal link creation. There is even a choice to quickly and automatically add internal connections in bulk.

Additionally, the Link Assistant displays links from various blog articles and web pages. By doing this, you may save time and guarantee that you don’t overlook an internal linking opportunity that could improve your website.

In addition, AIOSEO enables you to check your website’s outbound links for broken links and conduct an audit.


Plans for AIOSEO start at $49.50 a year. However, the Pro version costs $199.50 a year and includes the Internal Link Assistant feature.

A 14-day money-back guarantee is included with each premium package. Additionally, a free version of AIOSEO is available.


Note:  A free Broken Link Checker plugin was recently made available by AIOSEO. All of your internal links are automatically checked to see if they are functioning properly. If any broken links are discovered, you can quickly fix them using inline editing.

You may locate and correct internal and external links with Broken Link Checker Pro, which has a $4.99 monthly subscription price point.

3. LinkMiner


Backlink verification is a specific purpose of LinkMiner. Because it’s a Mangools tool, you’ll need a Mangools account to utilize it.

LinkMiner allows you to filter links by nofollow, deleted, new, and lost, just like other programs.

You should try out the useful tool that allows you to “favorite” backlinks so that you can quickly access them again. This could be a terrific strategy to narrow down the backlinks of competitors to target.

This function might also be used to monitor any of your own backlinks that you want to correct. For instance, you may make a list of the backlinks that have been lost and those you wish to focus on restoring.

LinkMiner backlink report

LinkMiner is a wonderful choice if you’re on a limited budget even if it isn’t as fully featured as SEMRush.

To view information like a site’s total backlinks and top referring websites, you’ll probably want to utilize it in conjunction with Mangools’ SiteProfiler.


You can take a free 10-day trial without entering any credit card details. After that, you’ll need to pay $26.91/month.

All of Mangools’ tools are included in this cost. These include SiteProfiler, LinkMiner, KWFinder, SERPChecker, and SERPWatcher. It’s a fantastic low-cost choice.

4. Ubersuggest


Neil Patel created a tool called Ubersuggest. There is a Backlinks tool that you can use to view specifics of the backlinks to your site in addition to the main tool’s functions for keyword research.

Similar to the other programs we’ve been looking at, Ubersuggest includes features. For instance, it can display your new backlinks, lost backlinks, nofollow backlinks, and more.

Ubersuggest backlink report

The free version allows you to view this data, but you will only obtain information on a select few hyperlinks for each domain. If you want everything, you must upgrade to Ubersuggest’s paid edition.

Ubersuggest’s other tools can analyze traffic and help you come up with keyword and ideas.


The free version of Ubersuggest can give you a solid idea of what the program is capable of. You’ll need the Pro edition, which costs $29/month or $290/year if you pay up ahead, to conduct any significant backlink analysis.

A 30-day “no questions asked” money-back guarantee is offered.

5. Moz Pro


The Link Explorer tool is part of Moz Pro, the company’s collection of SEO tools.

You can compare the link profiles of up to four competitors with the one Link Explorer can provide for your website. This enables you to determine how they may be acting differently from you.

Moz link intersect tool

Additionally, it offers a useful feature called Link Intersect that lets you discover which websites are linked to your rivals but not to you. These websites are excellent targets for link building.

You can notice the missing backlinks using Moz, just like the other tools we’ve examined. You now have the ability to attempt to have those links changed.

You will have access to all of Moz’s other SEO tools in addition to the backlink tools. These comprise Rank Checker to assess your website’s performance in search engines, Campaigns to monitor and examine your website, and more.

Price: Moz charges start at $99 per month ($79 per month paid up advance per year). However, a 30-day free trial is available, during which you get complete access to all of their products.

Which Is The Best Backlink Checker Tool?

You could increase the backlinks to your website and improve its search engine ranking by using any of these backlink checkers. More valuable information is provided by some of them than by others.

SEMRush is the best option we can suggest. It is one of the top SEO tools available and aids in business expansion. On the other hand, we advise All in One SEO (AIOSEO) if you want a thorough overview of internal backlinks and wish to enhance your internal links.

If you’re on a tight budget, though, LinkMiner and Ubersuggest are good value. And OpenLinkProfiler is completely free.

We hope this article helped you learn about the best backlink checker tools. You might also like to take a look at our ultimate guide to WordPress SEO for beginners and our tips on how to increase your blog traffic.


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